Saturday, January 5, 2013


I am pretty sure if I went back and looked through my photo and blog archives for the past year that quite a lot of my photos would be of the sky. Sunsets, storms, clouds, or documenting the rare blue sky that we occasionally get here in the mid-atlantic region...they are all there along with a few unsuccessful attempts to photograph the stars or moon at night.

I'm still on break and am enjoying the time off to take in my surroundings and have a chance to process the past semester and year. This is my final year as a student. Kind of scary. Kind of exciting. So many things are changing. Lots of dear people moved this past year. Lots of hardships were endured by people I love throughout the past year. I can't even count all the people I know who got engaged, married, or started families this year. I'm here for what may be my last winter in this town that has become my home. I guess it hasn't hit me hard yet. That everything is about to change. Or maybe it already has to an extent and it's just lessened the impact of the idea. Right now I'm not sad at the idea of change or scared of it. Or excited by it. I'm just enjoying some quiet days and visits with family and friends. I guess life is too short to miss the good things by worrying through it. I can't help but fret or worry about some things, but as much as possible I am trying to just take everything in and accept it and move on. Believing that God is making my future for me makes me feel that I can relax a bit and trust Him and enjoy the experience He is giving me.

It's nice to have a quiet start to a new year. I hope there are lots of restful moments and times of restoration.

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