Tuesday, January 8, 2013



It's one of those beautiful winter days. The kind where you don't mind that it's cold...instead you rather appreciate the changes in each season. Cold days, long nights, sharp light. Winter is harsh, but it's a good reason to stay inside and surround yourself with all things soft, warm, and comforting. Blankets. Soups. Ms. Marple episodes. Coffee. Those things don't mean as much to me during the summer.

On a day like today where the sun decides to come out, which is rare as it is almost always overcast here, the light is so strong and beautiful coming in through the curtain in the kitchen. It prompted me to play with my camera settings and try to capture the colors and textures of the plants and fruit in my kitchen. I like the way those colors seem so vibrant and alive when everything outside is dark or dormant.

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