Monday, December 3, 2012

A letter to my sister Holly

 Recently, my little sister Holly wrote blog posts about each of us, her siblings. They were all so sweet and encouraging! So I thought she deserved one too! This letter is for you, Holly!

Dear Holly, 
For the longest time I always thought of you as the 6 year old version of yourself. So petite, so cute, so young...
But then awhile ago I realized you are a grown up! In fact, just two weeks ago you drove me to your place of work! You voted in the national election this year! Since when does my baby sister drive and work and vote and go to college??? You are truly developing into a lovely, beautiful woman and I'm so proud of you and I admire you!

Some things about you:
You wear red lipstick and look great; you wear heels and don't fall over...I cannot do either of those things! You are witty and funny with a great sense of humor. You have become such a good writer. I love reading the way your describe the world. Your photographs have become so good! I think you could really do something with photography! You are musical and have developed your abilities in playing instruments and I've heard you sing (we are all so shy of singing around each other or anyone unless it's silly bad singing) and it's beautiful. Actually, you are quite the accomplished young lady. You play instruments, are artistic, you are quite the cook, and are just an all-around charming young woman. Not only that, you have great style and carry yourself beautifully. You're a natural knock-out.

But I would say that the thing about you that I admire more than all those things is that you have such a lovely heart. You love people. You love people that others might deem unlovable. You see beauty and potential in people who perhaps don't see those things in themselves. And I'm sure you help bring out those qualities in people as a result. Also, you are an encourager. You really listen. I know when I talk to you that you really care. You are genuine. I believe that ability to love and encourage others is a gift from God. Always love the people God has put in your life. Always be aware of the fact that God puts people around you and that you have the ability to influence them by showing His love to them and sharing His truth with them.

You are kind, caring, loving, talented in many ways, intelligent, gorgeous, sensitive, deep, hilarious, genuine, and lovely. You are the total package, my friend. In the words of Sydney Poitier on To Sir, With Love: "You're a smasher. The whole world is waiting for you." Life will always have its share of hardships, but I believe that so many good things are in store for you. That as you seek to know God more and follow Him you will experience His joy and love in many many many ways. Don't be afraid to make big scary go to a University or travel or get married or whatever else God may have in store for you. At least, don't let being afraid stop you from doing those things. Pursue the natural talents and interests that you have and develop them. You have them for a reason.

I love you. You are always welcome to come stay or live with me (that is if I ever figure out where I'm going and what I'm doing!) or if you choose to take advantage of some other opportunity I will back you up and support you as best as I possibly can. I was looking on my computer for photos of you for this post and realized, sadly, that I don't have a lot of current photos of you. I'm sad that I don't get to see you very often. I enjoy visiting with you so much. I think about your trip up here over the summer and how much fun we had just hanging out. I miss you and like you said in your post, I miss our little trip to places to go exploring. And since I have not got many recent photos of you I thought I'd post some photos of way back when we were still exploring Harpers Ferry and having fun. I think you are so gorgeous in these photos, so I am going to post them.

You are one of my dearest friends in the world! I can't wait to see what you will do and watch as you continue to become the woman God created you to be. 
I love you!

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