Monday, December 31, 2012


Sometimes the smarty-pants in me makes resolutions like this:

gain weight
get older
make Cs

So that if I do actually do those things (I mean, getting older is something I can accomplish without trying! WIN!!!) I won't be upset. You know...aim low and if you do better than you should be happy!

But this year I'm making some resolutions that I think are more practical, and could possibly be accomplished relatively early and will hopefully be a step toward forming better habits.

Like...get rid of all excess stuff that I don't need/use. There is a new thrift store that is coming to town that benefits a local Christian boys' home and I'm thinking of just donating everything to them.

Also, get better at budgeting. I guess making a budget is the easy part. Sticking to it is the challenge.

Have fun. That sounds kinda weird, probably, because most people make serious goals. Like, they plan to accomplish things. I've worked really hard these past few years, and I've taken on a lot of responsibility. That means sometimes having to say no to social invitations and fun activities. But I want to get the work-aholic in me under control and learn to make more time to relax, enjoy the people in my life, and do things that are fun and healthy for me.

Take myself more seriously. Does that sound like a contradiction? Well, I'll be honest, being an art major can take a toll on your self-esteem in some ways. You don't get very many pats on the back for your hard work. You never feel like you're good enough. For anything. At least, that's how I feel within my specific focus. Maybe it's not typical of every student in every focus within the arts. Then add on top of that all the questions people ask you about your choice of major. "What are you going to do with that?" "Geez, of all things why did you pick that?" " will you live?" "So I bet that's pretty easy, huh?" "Hopefully you will marry a doctor. Or lawyer. Or an engineer. Since you're probably going to be destitute." Rather than sit here and defend my choices, I will just say that sometimes it's easier to joke about yourself and your "bad" decisions than it is to seriously say what you hope the outcome will be and leave it at that. But even then that kind of makes you feel like no one ever takes you seriously. I'm actually a serious person, although around certain people I can be really silly (close friends attest to this). And I do have serious goals. I don't have to be ashamed of them. I guess this goal should be combined with: stop worrying of what others think of you.

Lastly, my goal is to keep making art. I (hopefully) will graduate in May. So my goal is to keep learning and making art outside the academic setting. And hopefully to sell art once I graduate.

Happy New Year, all. :)

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