Thursday, September 27, 2012

Studio days...

Today I got to the studio at 9 am and didn't leave till after 11 pm. I've been pulling a similar schedule most days of the week for the past week. Let me tell you, I'm so worn out! I'm so happy it's Friday! Hurray! I don't typically document my day-to-day at the studio, but I took a few photos today to share and remember here. Last autumn semester...perhaps ever!
Beautiful leaves!
A flying "pigasus" piggy bank for my friend Mandy. She made the unicorn horn for it. It's pretty silly.
We noticed that Sarah and Mandy were definitely coordinating without meaning to today. While in China one day both of my studiomates and I showed up wearing purple...I think when we spend enough time together we all slowly morph into one person. I like the red-orange and grey colors together though.

I am finally catching up to my "prepare for the formal critique" schedule that I imposed upon myself. Now that I'm in serious decorate mode I just can't wait to be done with these pots so I can make something else. I have other ideas that I'm feeling a bit eager to try. I'm mostly eager for this crit to be over so I can take a nice long nap. But once that's over I'm going back into making work mode so I can work on some of these ideas. But I'm hoping these tumblers turn out well. I've never made tumblers and these actually feel nice in my hand while I hold them.

I got an email from a friend today saying "I hope you're not working too hard and are making great pots." Well, I'm definitely feeling a bit ragged, and I really hope all the long days and hard work pay off in the form of great pots. But yeah, lately I feel like all I do is work. Probably because that is all I do. Oh well. I guess I should enjoy it while it lasts.

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