Friday, September 21, 2012

Rituals vs. Ceremonies

This year I don't have class on Fridays! Yay! And for three weeks in a row I have not had to work on Friday either! Yay!

So I've been trying to make it a point to savor Friday mornings. It's my one day to sleep in. Or to get up early and go off doing whatever I need to do. It is also a major catch-up day for housework, homework, etc, but I have been trying to treat myself nicely on Fridays. I think that it is okay to do something nice for myself once a week. Last week I went to a bookstore and got a coffee.

In light of this new practice of taking time off and doing something by myself just for me, I have been thinking about the difference in daily ritual and in ceremony. Most people start their day off with a cup of coffee or is a ritual. However, slowing down and going out for a coffee is more of a ceremony. It's special. Just a little bit more than what you would usually do. How many more rituals do we have every day? Waking, eating, working, playing, preparing for sleep, etc. How do we change up the mundane tasks of our life into more of a celebration or a special occasion. Do these rituals become more ceremonious when we experience them with others? For example, family dinner rather than a grab-and-go mean. Or is it more special when you have that moment to sit by yourself for once and enjoy quiet without being pulled in all different directions? I'm sure at different times either one will be more preferable.

I'm trying to work more of these little ceremonies into my life. Whether it is by making it a point to sit down for a meal rather than try to eat and do housework at the same time, or take a few minutes in the afternoons to sit outside and enjoy the *perfect* weather we have been having lately, my goal is to acknowledge some part of my day as being special enough to celebrate and give thanks for.

If possible, I would like for my work to make parts of our lives more of a ceremony than ritual. 

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