Monday, December 22, 2014

The final pots of 2014

Pie Plate
Pop-up Maker's Market

My favorite mugs of the year

I think that maybe...just enjoyment of ceramics is resurfacing. It only took a year and a half after graduating, but I think that I'm slowly remembering that I love designing, throwing, and finishing pots. There is very little that gets me quite so excited as opening a kiln to see what I ended up with...little more gets me quite so angry when things don't turn out the way I wanted them to as ceramics does. I still feel like ceramics and I are an old married couple. We drive each other crazy, but I'd rather have it than not. (Those last two sentences show that A) I'm crazy and B) maybe have a somewhat dysfunctional view of marriage?! lol) Also a pleasant surprise is that these may just be some of my favorite pots ever. While I prefer high fired, wood fired surfaces, these last pieces just felt like they were finished and that they were good enough. Nothing was really wrong with them...they were fine. That was a great feeling. And people bought my pots this year! I am so flattered and thrilled.

I'm taking the rest of 2014 off of pottery, but I'm actually excited to get back into it next year. That feels like a gift to me. :)

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