Monday, December 22, 2014

The ache, the struggle and the hope.

It comes out of nowhere
That thought that you're missing something...someone. 
There's an ache that exists in the 
knowledge that sometimes there's no one to appreciate the small and large things in life with you. 
There is a struggle that exists in making certain the things you think you want stay put in their proper place. We know too well how misplaced expectations hurt us in so many ways. 
There is a hope that exists in my heart that one day there will be someone with me to turn toward and enjoy the moment with. A friend for life. A challenger...a sharpener. 
There is an ache, a struggle and a hope within me. Sometimes quiet and sometimes loud. Sometimes they all compete for my attention while other times one speaks louder than the others. 
Above all there is a voice that comes through more loudly that says, "Do you trust me? Do you believe I love you? Do you know I'm enough? Do you love me more than your dreams?" Sometimes I don't know what my answer is. 
There is a Love that exists inside me that teaches me the hard things. That has a greater plan for us all than I ever could. Love tells me of a love story I couldn't imagine on my own that is happening in my life right now. It tells me to wait and to trust and to know Him. Love tells me that when the ache, the struggle and the hope are given to him there exists something else...peace, joy and life. 

The ache and struggle still exist. I believe that they allow me to worship him more. They are something for me to offer. In this way they are redeemable...they serve a purpose. The bitterness allows me to appreciate the sweetness in my life. The bitter reminds me that things are not whole and that I'm looking for that which completes me. The ache and the struggle point me back toward the Hope.

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