Thursday, September 4, 2014

The other night I was feeling really yucky. Tired, head-achey, a bit emotional...overall completely exhausted. I decided to skip Bible study with the group and just go to the beach for some quiet rest time and to catch the sunset. This is something I had been doing occasionally before life took a turn for the crazier and I enjoyed it so much. As it would happen, one of my roommates was going to the same beach with some friends to hang out and she invited me to come along. I don't know this roommate as well as the others and decided to go with her. And I'm so glad I did. By the end of the night I felt much better and so encouraged to have met new people and have been so welcomed by them.

So much has changed in the past year. New state...3 different family members...  It hardly seems like it's only been a year that I've lived here. In that time, three of the friends I've met up here have become engaged and old friends of mine have gotten married. I'm so happy for them, but I know the dynamics of our friendships are going to change. You can't always drop things and go off spontaneously when it's not just you anymore. Relationships require a lot of time and attention to stay healthy so people aren't always as available anymore. It's a good thing! But it's inspiring me to get out of what feels like a rut (how you can get into a rut after one year full of change is beyond me, but sometimes I feel that I am). To try new things. To meet new people. To change alongside everyone else.

I think getting out and meeting new people and doing something out of my routine was so good for me I will try to do it more often. I crave some sort of stability and community. I usually shy away from change. I'm kind of self-conscious about putting myself out there and meeting people. It's awkward, but usually the "pay-off" is well worth it so I think I should be more open to it. :)

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