Thursday, November 28, 2013

Instagram photos

Last night of The Gathering
Found: the cutest stickers.

More cute stickers
Reliable companion.
Some little photos from the past few weeks.
It's become very cold here recently. And it has begun to snow a lot. I'm so grateful that my car has thus far been very reliable and seems to do really well in the snow. I'm also grateful for the fact that the cold has made me feel like hibernating. I've wanted to be home more and am enjoying it. Last weekend I spent an afternoon in bed knitting and watching Anne of Avonlea. I don't know when I've felt so luxurious. It was so restful and refreshing (plus Anne is so optimistic, how can one not feel cheerful after watching those movies?). I know I need to start buckling down and being productive, but after 4 years of being so busy and constantly tired it was just lovely to take an afternoon and be so rested and know that there were no assignments to work on, no deadlines coming up, no reason to feel guilty for not being at school or eating/sleeping/breathing ceramics.


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