Saturday, August 24, 2013

Natural light...

Last night we went for a little walk. We started on the main street, walked around the campus, through the park, and back down the main street. It would seem that I moved to Mayberry. I'm not lying...the other day when we went to the park an older man tipped his hat as he walked past us. Also, last night two girls rode past us on a cute yellow bicycle built for two. It's a little bit Norman Rockwell around here. Anyway, the light was so pretty. I love that time of the day when the sun is starting to make its way down. It's beginning to look and feel like fall. Let me rephrase's beginning to look and feel like fall again. It felt that way at the beginning of July and then it warmed up. Then if felt that way at the beginning of August and it warmed up again. We had some cooler evenings recently but tomorrow and Monday it should get close to the 90s.

But yeah, although I'm sure you're just fascinated with my description of the weather patterns here, this post really was meant to serve as a reminder of a pretty evening downtown.

Speaking of reminders, I heard a talk by Ravi Zacharias on memory and how it is God's gift to us. He talked about memorials and monuments and how God instructed the Israelites to build them sometimes in order to preserve memories of events in which He made a covenant with them, or protected them, or provided for them. I was thinking about different times in my life that God has met a need or taught me something I needed to know. What events in my life have been of significance spiritually? Could I somehow make a memorial or monument that would serve to remind people of God's love and promises? Also, what would that monument be like? I love how the people of Israel would give their children names that described events or feelings during the circumstances of their birth and how in a way their children became monuments or memorials of those times and events. Children were and are in a way monuments and memorials. So if monuments and memorials can come in the for of humans, tangible objects, and written words, then how can I mark and identify and memorialize events in my life that I want to praise God for?

Just a little something I have been thinking on. It might be a neat art project.

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