Monday, January 2, 2012

A peek at the New Year holiday weekend...

Trying out the new texture mats/plaster slabs from my classmate, Thom. I tried to do a little hand building, but didn't pay enough attention to it to put anything together before it dried out.
Trying out our mini-donut maker from my sister, Jacqueline. Gluten-free cake donuts? Yes, please!
A sign at the park, where we went to walk off the gluten-free mini-donuts. I remember when there were actual flowers to not pick. Now everything is dead.
Someone left a little ornament on a tree in the park. I love spotting things like that.
Blue skies...warm weather.
The year 2012 came in like a lamb in that it was quiet, mild weathered and very restful. Not pictured: watching My Fair Lady on the last night of 2011 and watching The Fiddler on the Roof on the first night of 2012. The lovely dinners my sister Holly made to end and welcome the year. She is becoming quite the cook. And the tennis wii matches that Adam and Holly had, which were very entertaining. I'm really bad at the wii.

It was a nice and restful weekend. Now we're gearing up for another busy semester. That means Dad and Holly registering for classes, Adam and me packing to head back up to "almost heaven." We're going to stop and visit Jacqueline for a couple of days before heading back to school. I miss WV. It is always good to see family, and while I know one can learn to love any place they live there is definitely something about WV that I love. I remember driving back after staying in NC for the summer and feeling surprised at feeling slightly emotional when I saw the mountains...I realized that it's home. I have a very busy semester ahead, which I'm both grateful for and a bit apprehensive about. It will be good, I'm sure.

Happy New Year, all!

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