Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So...now you have a little taste of what I do...it's pretty dang exciting...

I am studying ceramics in college. This will be my third year of ceramics. I can't believe I'm already at year 3. Anyway, I LOVE it. I switched my major as a junior from nutrition to art because I took a non-major ceramics class and fell in love with it. These are a few photos of pieces I made this semester. Since going to China I think I can see a definite asian influence in my pots. A lot of celadon and cobalt. And porcelain. Oh how I love porcelain. It throws so nicely and looks so beautiful.

This last photo was from Easter. It's at my apartment at school. Some of my friends came over after church to make brunch and play games. The table is set with handmade dishes. I love it. :)

Someday I hope to have my own place that I can decorate. Among the ideas I have for home decorating (it would be SO fun!) I want to have handmade dishes from friends and classmates displayed on an open cabinet/shelving unit for people to see and grab for use. I think the handmade dishes I have been given from friends are beautiful and make excellent artwork that should be displayed and used.

I think Ayumi Horie said that using handmade vessels is personal. That when you pick a handmade vessel for use you are choosing who you are going to have your coffee with or eat dinner with. I like that idea. When I drink out of a mug that a friend has made and given to me I think about them and it gives the vessel an intrinsic value. I think that is why I enjoy handmade so much.

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