Monday, May 23, 2011

Mom's dogs Abby and Jude had puppies about 6 weeks ago. They are miniature Havanese and they're teeny tiny. As in about 7 pounds tiny (the grownups that is...the puppies are even tinier than that).

We took them outside to photograph for Mom's website. They're pretty cute and they're just at the age where they are becoming very curious and feisty. They're rascals. You want one? We have one left.
(look at that sweet face...don't let her fool you, she's really feisty!)
My parents have been breeding dogs since I was a little kid. About 6 or so. I remember getting so attached to our puppies and crying each time one went to their new home. I'm much better about that now. I've learned to no longer become attached to our pets. Between having parents who breed dogs and all the times I've moved I've had to say goodbye to some canine buddies rather frequently. I've decided to write a country song called "All the Dogs I've Loved and Lost" and it will be such a tear jerker. The last line will be "but as they say, 'tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.'"

I know it's corny, but I really enjoy writing parodies to songs. My roommate and I wrote a love song to Nutella to the tune of "I Will Survive." It was a our own minds at least. ;) We are undiscovered wonders I tell you.

Speaking of dogs, I really want one of my own. Not a teeny tiny teacup dog like my parents have (although they're really cute and much easier to take care of than some of the larger dogs we've had) but a big old mutt who will sit in the car with me and hang his head out the window as we drive down country back roads together. He can be my best friend. I became pretty good buds with Sagger the studio dog in China last fall and I miss him sorely. Whenever I needed a hug Sagger was there to cheerfully oblige me. He was a snuggly dog who didn't realize how big or strong he was. He loved to try to get in our laps even though he was way to big to do that. He liked taking naps with us on the studio couch and even would sneak into my bed at night when my roommate and I would bring him back to the dorms with us (in China you can do that). Sneaky thing!

Speaking of China (when I get on a rabbit trail I don't get off) the first set of summer students leave tomorrow to head out there. Part of me wishes I could go back. Perhaps someday I will. This fall I'm taking Chinese 1 at school so just in case I do ever get to go back maybe I'll be better prepared. I'm also considering getting an English partner so I can get to know some international students. One of the things about China that I found inspiring was how incredibly kind and hospitable the people were toward us. I definitely want to be more aware of the international students on my campus and try to treat them with the same hospitality and kindness that was shown to me.

Alrighty...that's enough for one post. <3

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