Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It's like walking into a scene from an adventure story. I tried to chase the fog down the shore. I don't win that chase. Sometimes I can't believe I live here. What is this place? What am I doing here? Who am I again? This still isn't the scenery I'm used to. It's familiar, but I don't think it's home. I don't feel like it's mine. Rather I have the gift of using this space when I need it. And sometimes I really do need this place to sit and be. As strangely foreign as this place can sometimes feel, I'm always at ease when I'm at the lake. Sunset is the best time to go. As the sun gets closer to the horizon I am certain my heart stops beating so wildly and my breathing becomes easier. No show or movie can compete with the view of the sun slipping below the horizon line.

I'm here for the show! I'm filled with a quiet anticipation.
I make my way from the top of the hill down to the shore.
Off we go down the coast...we're walking in golden light.
There's a patch of fog in the distance that I'm chasing.
The closer I get to it the farther it runs away. <<sigh>>
That's life sometimes.

I feel the wind against my skin and hair...
I see birds flying...I hear water hitting the shore...
Everything just is...perfect.
I love this part. Watching the sky begin to change colors..
I think of creation declaring the glory of God.
He loves sunsets too...or rather, I take after Him in my love for them.

It occurs to me that I'm part of this creation too...
Do I declare His glory? Does my existence bring Him joy 
Like the birds and the waves do?
Thinking is easier at the lake.
Questions are asked...memories remembered...feelings are felt.
I feel more like myself when I'm here.

This part never gets old...no show compares to the sunset.
When you're homesick it helps to be someplace beautiful.
That moment becomes a meeting place...
Where the words of my heart break loose.
Yes, there's a time and place for everything.
The time and place is the lake at sunset.

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