Monday, July 1, 2013

New Places

I moved. Bye bye Mo-town. You were my first home away from home and I'll always love you! But change is good, right? Even if it makes you sad? According to every book and movie ever produced you have to have a conflict or trial to overcome before you can live *happily ever after* so I figure shaking life up and moving should hold some good things once you get past the initial shock and sadness of leaving everything and everyone.
I had a lovely last weekend at home and was reminded of all the people and places I have to be grateful for. Also, I drove a lovely Toyota Corolla on the 8 hour drive to my new home and not only did it fit all my stuff (not sure if that means I did a great job of purging items or if it's a testament to how big a Corolla is...either way it was great!) but it also had cruise control which made for a very pleasant drive. Cruise control might be my favorite invention ever.
So I have been enjoying being up here and exploring a new place and spending time with family. It's good. I'm anxious to find a job and get to work! And to meet new friends and feel settled. I have to admit I'm a little homesick and I miss my friends. Just a few short months ago we were all nearby and saw each other frequently. Now we're all about 8 hours away from each other. So I drew a little drawing of my ideal neighborhood with everyone there.
I still couldn't fit everyone into my little neighbor hood. I guess I need bigger paper. Olive has been urging me to draw in my sketchbook so she has something to look at when we go out in the car which is proving to make me more productive. And she says some funny things that I want to draw.

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