Friday, June 29, 2012


The skies opened and the rain poured.
The wind howled, and hurled itself against everything in its path.
The thunder roared and the lightning flashed.
I watched out the window, feeling both awe and fear.
To see nature in such a furious state is unsettling at least.
I would call it sublime, but it is a little too close for my comfort.
Storms have a way of making me feel tiny and helpless.
It makes me thankful for a little, cozy house to hide away in.
I just hope our hanging geranium didn't blow away. 
I was not about to run out there and bring it in.

 Confession: I am very afraid of storms. I am starting to appreciate the fact that God controls them and they show His power. It's nice to know He is in control of the weather. They still give me butterflies. Being on the top floor of my apartment building doesn't make things less frightening, but it does give me a good view of what is going on out there.

Confession #2: I maybe called my dad to talk tonight because I don't like being alone during thunderstorms. He understands because he also has a healthy respect for nature when it is like this.

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