Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for sunsets, for fireflies and for stars. Thank you for summer. You're so romantic. Watching this part of the earth put on nighttime was the highlight of my day. I never could have thought up such a beautiful way to end every day. Thank you for making that. Thank you for letting me enjoy it with you.

Sitting outside in the cool of the evening
I see a young deer watching the same performance that I see.
That is, the fireflies in the wooded area all twinkling and dancing
To the music of the crickets and one lone bird's chirping.
Even the wind is playful and fun tonight; not harsh or cold.

The sky is gradually changing to various hues of blue.
There is still a hint of pink on the horizon.
It hangs on till the last moment, I think it was hesitant to leave such a lovely scene.
It provided such a lovely backdrop for the little performance that is taking place.
Gradually little stars fade into view and the moon is big and bright and shines out from behind big clouds.

From where I sit I marvel at the sight that I see.
What a lovely little song and dance that is happening before my eyes.
I'm not sure I've ever enjoyed a concert as much as this one before. 
What a beautiful painting the sky is tonight.
Music and dancing and art surround me in perfect harmony. 

I was never so aware that I was living in it before tonight.
Nor had it occurred to me so strongly till now that nature could be so peacefully entertaining.
Do the fireflies and crickets and the lone bird know that they're performing?
In this moment I think they outshine any dancer, musician or artist 
As they go about their business so humbly unaware of their beauty and talent....of themselves.

Their existence points back to their Maker...the one who they live to sing and dance for.
God must love sunsets and musical birds and dancing fireflies and cool summer evenings
And He must enjoy putting on glorious concerts every night.
I praise God for inventing this world and for the gift of a front row seat to nature's performance tonight.
There is no one else in the universe that I could enjoy watching it with more than Him.

I hope in my life as I go about my daily business that I will be like the fireflies and the crickets and birds. That my life will point back to my Maker and show the world His love; His beauty; His glory.
I pray that I will be humble and not live for my own glory, but for His. After all, that's what I'm here for, right? Just like the rest of God's glorify God with my life. Tonight while watching the day become night I became aware that God didn't make the sun set so beautifully for me. He made all of this...all of us...for Himself. He just invited me to watch as He readied the earth for evening. It's sad that as a human I watch the rest of nature praise God so much more naturally and humbly than I do. I hate to admit that I'm proud; that I want others to think I'm talented or intelligent. Really, the most beautiful part of tonight is that I was so gently reminded that this life is not about me at all. My interests, talents, passions, interactions are only worthwhile and beautiful when they are used to glorify God.

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