Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wood kiln and pottery stuff

We fired our wood kiln last week. It went much better than any other firing I've been a part of, but it still didn't work out perfectly. I think I'm a curse to the wood kilns. You know how it was considered to be bad luck for women to sail on ships? Well I think it's bad luck for me to put work into a wood kiln because every firing I've been involved in has never made it to temperature all the way.
Anyway, we still got some good stuff out of the kiln. Most of my work was ruined though because I dipped almost all my pots into a bisque slip before I glazed them and did not know that glazes don't adhere to bisque slip very well so almost everything I made has big crawling spots on them. Some of them have glaze cracking right off them. See exhibit A:
Bad, right? Can you hear the sound of my heart breaking? All that work and almost all of it was RUINED! I think we're going to try to fire the wood kiln again in about 3 weeks. After all that trouble I still feel like I should try again. Maybe someday I'll figure this stuff out. I managed to get some sort of decent work out. These are my more successful pieces.

I threw some more little things and am trying some new decorating ideas on them. I've got the slipwork done, but I want to trail some glaze in the slip work and then allow for flashing and other glazing around the painted stuff...I'm having fun thinking about it. :)
I've also been trying some new handles. Tom gave me a little handle-making demo which was pretty cool. I was given the book 500 Cups before I left NC this summer too and that has been quite inspiring also and I'm getting some fun ideas from that. I'm really hoping to see a lot of improvement in my work this year!

Tonight was the first night of our Bible study with our church. Next week we will start hosting it at our apartment. I'm really looking forward to it! I think it will be really good!

Okeydokey...I'll end here tonight. I am going to try to get to the studio pretty early tomorrow to work on some pieces before my class so I should probably get to bed soon!

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  1. oh no! poor pots! usually when you say "my stuff came out horrible" i can't tell what the heck you're talking about. but this time... ;) but the mugs look nice! can't wait to hear about how Bible study goes. glad it's taking off!