Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer pottery

These are some of the pieces of pottery I made over the summer while working at the Parks and Rec center. While none of them came out without some problems (will I ever reach the point where my pieces come out really good?) I did try a lot of new things and I think I learned a lot!
Like with this cup...I tried to focus on making bigger handles and I used underglazes for the first time.
I tried to oval this plate, but ended up with a big bumpy seam in the middle. And some weird glazing lines. But I liked the indentation and the alteration that I put in.
Inspired by a fellow classmate I tried my hand at pitchers and had a lot of fun with them! I think I'd like to make more.
More underglazing...
Remember how I said the ladies at the studio in NC were stamping geniuses? Well they definitely inspired me so I stamped this little cup and I think stamping is something I'd like to continue to play around with!
That pitcher on the right is probably my favorite item. Again, all my glazing is messed up, but I got a lot of ideas for things I'd like to do.
Lidded cup with flower detail on top...

Thrown and altered cups. Another idea I'd like to work on this year.
This cup is a different shape than I normally make. And it's also altered but it's not very extreme. As usual my forms, rims, feet, handles, glazing, painting, etc all need a lot of work, but I tried some stuff this summer that I've never tried before and had a lot of fun. And I'm really grateful for that!

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