Monday, October 27, 2014

Sometimes my alma mater wins a football game...

 And since I never keep up with my alma mater's sports team (or any sports team for that matter), I find out after the fact on good old Facebook. Where people post photos like these that make me hang my head and then scratch it wondering a) what a shirtless man riding a bear has to do with anything football related...even our Mountaineer mascot always wears a shirt! b) why that's supposed to make us look cool, and c) why the heck people are still burning couches when they've been told not to and were warned against it.

Seriously...did someone from the graphic design program make this poster? And looking at the street I recognize the names of all the Morgantown bars...this is what they want people to know of those of us who have gone or go there.

Oh West Virginia University...way to always keep it classy and represent. I won't lie, I did laugh a bit at the shirtless man on the bear riding through the river. Smack my head!

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