Friday, September 20, 2013

One is silver...the other gold.

This past week...

In the past three days I received emails or texts from old friends in far away places. The UK...Korea...and home (West Virginia). As happy as I am to hear from them and know they are well it makes me feel ever so slightly wistful to remember past times. I love them all.

In the past few days I have had more opportunities to visit with new friends that I have made here.This makes all the difference in the world being someplace new. I already feel so welcomed and even a bit attached to some of the new people I have met here.

So that little song about new friends and old...that "one is silver and the other is gold" is ringing true with me right now.

And speaking of gold...tonight's sky was peachy and golden. I think it's so funny how inconsistent life is. Moves, changes, obstacles...yet every day the earth spins around on an axis while it travels around the sun. And even on some of the gloomiest of days the sun will peek out and everything will seem so...lovely. Actually, I don't think it seems like anything, I think for a moment I am simply reminded that it is in fact lovely. So when I feel like everything in my life is new and/or crazy, I take comfort in the fact that God has everything under control. All of it. And if I'm not being particularly dense, I remember this truth in time to sit back and enjoy the view instead of fretting about or regretting everything.

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